1-13-15 It’s all speculation…

STRENGTH – Clean 10 min EMOM 3 Hang Clean

CONDITIONING 13 min AMRAP 10 Keetlebell Clean and Press (44#/35#) 10 Burpee 10 KB Walking Lunge – Goblet Hold (44#/35#) (5 each arm, 5 each leg)

Today was quite entertaining to say the least. I had numerous people ask me questions today, so I thought I would share with everyone as to stop the spread of rumors, lies and misinformation, so here we go.

#1 – What really happened with Shane and the Strength Classes? Cerissa and I met with Shane numerous times last week. We actually offered him more classes and had hope to use to him more starting in February. We wanted to continue to bring exceptional value to both of our gyms. He chose to pursue other opportunities, end of story.

#2 – I heard the gym is Smithfield was closing on Feb 1st? False. We’re not closing.

#3 – I heard the gym in Smithfield will no longer hold classes starting Feb. 1? False. We are still going to have classes, still going to keep doing what we’ve done for the last 5 years, with one exception, no more segregation. Everyone works together suffers together, cheers for each other and helps each other improve. Time to get back to who we are and where Together Everyone Accomplishes More

#4 – I heard the gym in Smithfield is no longer going to be a CrossFit Affiliate? False. In fact I am going to renew my certification at the end of the month in Park City so the we can re-affiliate when the time comes in the spring.

#5 – Who’s going to Coach? Same crew you’ve been seeing since you’ve been coming; Paul, Doug, Daryl, Stacey, Ryan Y, Jeff, and a new one starting in Feb. He’s a current member and going to go get his cert with me in 2 weeks.

Bottom line is if you have questions about the North Gym, just ask. If you have questions about the South Gym, just ask. Both Cerissa and I want to have places that we enjoy working out and where others enjoy it to. Neither of us really want to change things very much at all. If you’re not happy or think you’ll fit in better somewhere else, then go be happy, no hard feelings. Bottom line is it’s just exercise and it’s suppose to be F-U-N! If we don’t have what you feel like you need to be a better mom, dad, friend, member of the community, by all means please find somewhere that makes you happy. Ryan Young reminded me that we do this to make us better at life and be able to do things with our families and friends. Exercise should be a part of our life, not the only thing that defines our life. Is it a part of your life or is it consuming your life? Go enjoy your fitness and health!!

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