Strength 10 min EMOM AHAP 8 Walking lunges with a barbell in the front rack position

Wod 6X 90 sec on 1 min off 5 burpees 10 pull-ups (CC-chest to bar) with remaining time do as many hang cleans (195/125) as possible. Your score is total hang cleans.

For the hang clean, choose a weight that you can at least do triples with

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A. Accessory 12 minute EMOM (4 rounds each) 1st minute - :30 Suitcase Hold 2nd minute - :30 Hollow Hang 3rd minute - Rest (Pick a heavier weight for Suitcase Hold than last week) B. Conditioning 5 Rou


A. Strength Shoulder/Strict Press (slightly heavier than the week before 65-75% of a 1 rep max) 8, 6, 4 B. Conditioning 15 minute AMRAP 15 Wall-Balls 20#/14# 30 Double-Unders 200m Run


A. Conditioning 20 Minute AMRAP w/ a partner One partner does 150m KB Farmer Carry 53#/35# Other partner performs as many rounds as possible of 10 Calorie bike 20 Sit-ups *Score meters carried, and ca