A. Strength

With a Strict 30X0 Tempo - Build to a 5RM

*Ideally this should happen in no more than 5-7 total sets.

Read the note below to see an example of how this may look

Warm Up - Sets 1-2

Building - Sets 3-4

Max Effort Attempts - Sets 5-7

*Warm Up sets are light and maybe higher rep to get the blood flow

*Building sets might be few reps just to conserve energy

*Max Effort Attempts are the ones you perform for 5 reps.

B. Conditioning

For Time

80 Double Unders

100m Sled Push HEAVY

20 KB Overhead Walking Lunge 53/35lbs

60 Double Unders

80m Sled Push HEAVY

16 KB Overhead Walking Lunge 53/35lbs

40 Double Unders

60m Sled Push HEAVY

12 KB Overhead Walking Lunge 53/35lbs

20 Double Unders

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