A. Conditioning

For time:

2.1 mile Bike or 1500m Row

Suggested pacing strategy:

Bike 1.0mi@70%- .7mi@80%- .4mi@90%

Row 750m@70%- 500m@80%- 250m@90%

B. Strength

EMOM for 10 minutes

1st – 3 Strict Pull-Ups *make these weighted for challenge

2nd – 3 Strict Bar Dips *make these weighted for challenge

C. Accessory (if desired)

You may repeat the row or bike for extra conditioning work or there’s extra upper body accesory exercises provided below

EMOM for 10 minutes

1st – 10 Alternating Top Down Gorilla Row (hold 1sec at top of each rep)

2nd – 10 Alternating KB Z Press (hold 1sec at top of each rep)

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