11-18-15 C2 Rowing : Common Flaws and Stroke Rate

SKILL (3x) 1 min Plank (55#/35#) 1 min Mountain Climber 100 pull-a-parts

After complete the work above strict pull-up 1 rest 10 sec, 2 rest 20 sec, and so on until you fail, then complete max effort set after appropriate amount of rest

CONDITIONING with a running clock (3x) 600 m row 60 sec rest 400 m row 45 sec rest 200 m row 30 sec rest

Lead the pull with your butt, not your shoulders. That creates too much lay-back, robbing the power of the hip. Lay-back and release the hip power at the end of the pull.

Legs stay straight, knees down, until the hands pass over, leading the torso over.

Common Flaws (C2), Angela Hart

Push (the knees down) Pry (the hips open) Pull (with your arms) Reach (extend your arms forward) Rock (your hips forward) Roll (the seat forward by bending your knees) kick – swing – pull

Rowing Basics (C2), Angela Hart

Power Ratio Curve, Monitor Setting: Gumdrop shape is optimal. It should be a smooth line no matter what the shape. If there is a ‘shark bite’ out of the first half there is a problem to fix in the leg portion of the pull, if there is a bite out of the second half of the curve it is something in the arm pull.

Think of your hips as a bowl and spilling the contents of the bowl on the rail behind you on the pull, coming back to neutral, then spilling it onto your lap on the return.

Arms need to be like ropes with hooks on the end in the catch. You lose the power of your legs/hips into the chain if your arms are bent.

Stroke Rating (C2), Angela Hart

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