A couple of options for strength work today. One focused around strengthening the scapula and the other a classic bodybuilding superset. Suggestions would be to complete the scapula sets prior to the pressing superset but if time is a constraint pick one. If you want to have pain free, strong upper body movements than a strong and stable scapula is key!!

A. Strength (pick one or do both if you have time)

1. EMOM x 12

1st – 5 Single Arm KB Push Press + 15m Single Arm Overhead Carry R

2nd – 5 Single Arm KB Push Press + 15m Single Arm Overhead Carry L

3rd – 2-4 Wall Walks

2. 3-5 sets of the following superset

5 Close Grip Bench Press (two second pause at bottom)

10 Push-Ups (one second pause with chest on the floor)

*Coaches challenge add Parallettes for extra range of motion on the Push-Ups

B. Conditioning

20 minute AMRAP

16/13 Cal Bike

7/5 Toes to Bar

5/3 Burpee Strict Pull-Ups

3/1 Bar Muscle-Ups

*Bar Muscle-Up Scale = Chest-to-bar Pull up

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