Todays workout is in celebration of Linda Rupp’s 60th Birthday!!

A. Conditioning

19:60 minute AMRAP

Buy-in with 1960m Row


11 Goblet Squats 70#/53#

30 KB Deadlifts 70#/53# (use one KB)

20 GHD Sit-Ups

60 seconds Max Calorie Bike

*score is total rounds and calories biked

B. Cooldown

Recommended cooldown exercises

2 minutes Saddle Pose

1 minute/side Low Lunge Stretch

1 minute/side Pigeon Pose Stretch

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A. Conditioning 10 minute AMRAP 6 Pull-Ups (Challenge Strict Pull-Ups) 6 Burpees Row 12/10 Calories - rest 2 minutes - 10 minute AMRAP 9 Body Rows 9 Hand Release T Push-Ups Row 12/10 Calories


A. Conditioning Bike 25/20 Calorie Buy-In -then- 15-12-9-6 KB Snatch R 35#/26# KB Single Arm Overhead Reverse Lunge R 35#/26# KB Snatch L KB Single Arm Overhead Reverse Lunge L Russian Twist (R


A. Strength 2-3 sets of 5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift Weighted Dips or Bodyweight Dips (2x Bench Dips) -rest 3 minutes after each set- *Every Set has 15 reps of each movement. After you complete your first compl