A. Strength

Deadlift from Blocks (pull from just above knee)

5 sets of 3 reps (increase load from last week)

B. Conditioning

3-5 rounds (increase effort each round)

8 Hang Power Clean Below Knee 115#/85#

30 second Hollow Rocks or Hollow Hold

16 Jumping Lunges or Jumping Squats

250m/200m Row (increase pace on each set)

-rest up to 90 seconds between sets-

*record each row time for score to ensure you are increasing effort

*this is a training tool that will teach better engine control and avoid coming out too hot

C. Cooldown (highly recommended!)

Child’s pose w/lat stretch 2 minutes/side

Seated Forward Fold 2 minutes

Frog Stretch 2 minutes

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