A. Strength

Back Squat @ 32X1 Tempo


rest 2-3 minutes between sets

(strict tempo – build slightly from last week’s loads)

For those who struggle honoring the tempo a suggestion would be to download a metronome app to do the counting for you.

*record heaviest lift to score

B. Olympic lifting

In 12 minutes build to a tough load in the following complex

Clean Pull + Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk

*record heaviest lift to score

C. Conditioning

In teams of two, one working at a time, except for buy-in, do that together

16 minute AMRAP

Buy-in with 1.5 mile Bike or 800m Run

16 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls 75#/55#

16 Medball Sit-ups 20#/14#

16 Snatches 75#/55#

*coaches challenge 95#/65#

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