A. Olympic Lifting

Every other minute for 12 minutes 3 Position Power Snatch High Hang/Above Knee/From Ground *Complete without dropping bar -increase weight here as needed- *Record heaviest weight

B. Conditioning

10 minute AMRAP 10 cal row 10 Right Arm DB Push Press 35/25 10 Left Arm DB Push Press 35/25 10 K2E *Coaches Challenge 50/35 DB & T2B

C. Core Accessory

“Durante Core” 5 rounds 10 Hollow Rocks 10 V Ups 10 Tuck Ups 10 Seconds Hollow Hold -1 minute rest- *Challenge here is to not let heels and shoulders touch the ground for the duration of the sequence

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A. Strength 15 minutes to build up to a 10RM Back Squat B. Conditioning 3 rounds for time 200m Run 75 Air Squats 50 Double-Unders or 100 Singles 25/20 Calorie Row


A. Strength EMOM x 12 minutes (4 rounds each) Minute 1: 5-10 Dips (Bench Dips or for a challenge Strict Bar or Ring Dips) Minute 2: 5 Bench Press or Floor Press (Building with each set) Minute 3: 8 Su


A. Conditioning 14 minute AMRAP 5 Dual DB Push Press 12 Alternating DB Snatches 10 V-Ups or 20 Sit-Ups *coaches challenge HSPU instead of DB Push Press B. Optional Aerobic Capacity Row "Lactate Thresh