12.27.19 Important Announcements!!!

Please refer to this page for important announcements!!!

A few important announcements for the Iota community:

Introducing the member referral program:

50% off the month after the person referred pays for a full month. 1 month free after the person referred pays for 3 months upfront. All referrals are in cash!! That’s $40 or $80 depending if the reffered person pays for one month or three months.

Membership Price Increase:

In order to continue providing the highest quality training experience possible, starting January 1st, monthly memberships for current members will be going up $10/person.

Progenex Memberships:

Progenex memberships will be discontinued but Progenex products will be offered at a discounted rate for members.

All changes can be found on the Pricing page here.

For any questions or concerns please contact Erick.

Due to the holiday our test week will start today and extend into the new year, we’ll start with bench press today. Power Snatch, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Power Clean, Push Press will be among other exercises we will be testing.

A. Warm Up

1000m row


3 rounds

10 Ring Rows with 3 second eccentric

12 Shoulder Taps

*coaches challenge wall facing shoulder taps

B. Strength

Close Grip Bench Press

Build up to 1RM @ 30X1 Tempo

C. Conditioning

3 minute AMRAP

Bar muscle up or rope climbs

-2 minute rest-

3 minute AMRAP

Strict Pronated Pull-Ups

-2 minute rest-

3 minute AMRAP

Strict Ring Dips

-2 minute rest-

3 minute AMRAP

Double Unders

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