A. Warm Up

EMOM for 9-12 minutes (3 or 4 rounds)

1st – 30 second row @ 85%

2nd – 6 jumping pull ups with slow eccentric

3rd – 20 wall facing hand stand shoulder taps or scale back to pike shoulder taps with feet elevated or handstand walk for challenge

Bench Shoulder Flexion w/ Thoracic Mobilization accumulate at least 2 minutes in this position

B. Strength

Close Grip Bench Press

5 sets of 4 reps @ 31X1 Tempo

*incline for challenge

C. Conditioning

3 rounds for time of

5 Chest to bar Pull-Ups

5 Toes to bar

5 pull ups

.3 mile bike

6 Strict ring dips

12 hand release push ups

Row 200m

-2 minutes rest between rounds-

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