A. Warm Up

1. Row 500m/Run 400m/Airdyne 2 minutes 2. 2 rounds of 20 seconds hang on bar 10 Shoulder Taps 3. Tabata Jump Rope Sequence x2 Round 1 Singles Round 2 Boxer Jumps Alternating foot in front Round 3 Right leg single leg jumps Round 4 left leg single leg jumps Round 5 high knees Round 6 Butt kickers Round 7 Foward/back Split Jumps Round 8 Criss Cross Jumps

B. Metcon

5 rounds 60 Double unders 2:1 20 T2B 20 Push Ups

Scale 6 rounds 30 Double Unders 2:1 20 hanging knee raises 10 Push Ups

C&D are optional post wod accessory

C. Gymnastics Accessory

1. 2 rounds of Max Dips 2. 2 rounds of Max Strict Pull Ups *Be sure to keep note of these, we will retest these.

D. Core Accessory

“Durante Core” 5 rounds 10 Hollow Rocks 10 V Ups 10 Tuck Ups 10 Seconds Hollow Hold -1 minute rest- *Challenge here is to not let heels and shoulders touch the ground for the duration of the sequence

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A. Conditioning 20 minute AMRAP 10 Calorie Bike 10 Push Ups 10 Tuck Ups or Wtd Sit-ups 10 Dual KB or DB Bent Over Rows

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