12.4.20 Bright Spots Friday!

Bright Spots Friday!! What are you celebrating this week?! I encourage EVERYONE to share on our Facebook group or chalkwall!! Can’t wait to hear everyone’s Bright Spots!

We have a poster for Missy at the gym. She starts treatment on Monday so if you want to send her words of encouragement please sign the poster, there’s also an envelope if people want to donate cash or visa/gas gift cards!

A. Strength

Bench Press

5 sets of 3 reps

B. Conditioning


5 rounds for time of:

7 Pull-Ups

14 Kettlebell Swings 53#/35#

21 Wall Balls 20#/14#

*coaches challenge C2B & 70#/53# KB

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A. Strength 3 sets of the following superset 8 Dual Dumbbell Prone Row @ 30X2 Tempo 8 Dual Dumbbell Bench Press @ 30X1 Tempo B. Conditioning 3 Rounds For Time 15 Pull-Ups 20 Alternating DB Snatches 40


A. Conditioning 25 minute AMRAP 40/35 Cal Row 30 Goblet Lunges 53#/35# 20 American KB Swings 10 Burpees


A. Strength 15 Minutes to Build to 3RM Thruster *Record weight to score -or- E2MOM X 6 rounds (Every 2 minutes) 8 DB Thrusters + 8 DB Rows B. Conditioning 21-15-9 Thrusters 95#/65# T2B 8 MINUTE CAP C.