Tall Plank Theraband Lateral Walk 20’/side

Single Arm Trap 3 Raise w/ DB Isometric x 10/arm (slow and light)

Scapular Ring Rows x 10 (pause 1sec at top)

2-3 Sets

A. Warm Up

3-5 sets

100m row

25 Double Unders

100m row

6 Burpees

-rest up to 75 seconds between rounds-

*Build pace each round

B. Strength

3-4 sets of the following superset

Elevator Dips (Ring or Bar)

2 second pause at each position

Strict Ring Pull ups

6-10 reps @ 31X1 Tempo

C. Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

14 Push Ups

12/10 calorie bike

10 Alternating Step Ups 24/20″

-1 minute rest-

Coaches challenge

3 rounds for time of:

14 Hand Release Push Ups

12/10 calorie bike

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

2 Rope Climbs

-1 minute rest-

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