2-2-14 What a weekend for Team IoTA

This past weekend was amazing!! We stated Thursday with the move into the new south location and just kept on running. I love all of the wonderful people who help and support each other, and this weekend was no different. We truly have an amazing community that rally’s behind and helps each other.

Friday night saw an incredible performance by Tam and Ronnie who competed at CrossFit Hyperion and came away on top of the women’s team podium. So proud of how well they did!!

Friday night also saw the beginning of the competition at Brick Wall Crossfit, Bad Medicine 2014. Everyone that competed represented us well and showed the community that CrossFit IoTA is a force. With a field of 25 teams (2 men 2 women) the competition was fierce to say the least. Ashley and Camile paired up with two friends from Wasatch CrossFit and got straight to work on WOD #2 with a 3rd place finish!

Paul, Jerry, Steph and Angie showed up saturday morning and had some work to get done and managed a 3rd place finish on WOD #3. But probably more entertaining was watching the girls trying to get the bar from Paul who forgot to lower it to them in WOD #4.

As we headed into the finals which consisted of the top 8 teams all three of the IoTA teams where there! Truly an incredible feat to have 10 of the final 26 participants come from our box. And what will come as no shocker to anyone who knows these four; Doug, Daryl, Melissa and Kendl finished the first 4 workouts in 4th, 1st, 1st, 1st in which gave them a comfortable lead of 16 points heading into the finals. For those scoring at home this meant they could have sat out the final 2 workouts and would have still won, but they didn’t! They stormed through WOD #5 with another 1st place finish and then where one of only 3 teams to finish WOD #6. They finished the event with a dominant 1st place win with a 13 point lead to the 2nd place team, our good friends from The Gate in Pocatello. (View results HERE.)

It’s always fun to get a great group of friends from our box together and go workout at another affiliate gym. Greg Schell of Brickwall was a fantastic host and put on a great event. Special thanks to those from our team who came and supported and cheered us on. It’s always great to hear familiar voices in the crowd and get high fives from your CrossFit family!

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