2-22-16 – 2016 Paleo Challenge

STRENGTH – Back Squat 1 rep every 30 seconds for 4 min @ 80% – 9 total reps 2 min rest 1 rep every min on the min for 4 min @90% – 5 total reps ***Bar stays un-racked during the working time

CONDITIONING 1 min on 45 sec rest (3x) Push-up Russian KB Swing (70#/53#) Row for Calories (Each movement is scored separately)

It’s time to get our 2016 nutrition challenge started and it’s going to be PALEO this year!! Stacey has been doing a TON of great planning and work on this and we will roll everything out this week so stay up to date with what is happening and we will be throwing out lots of information. Let’s start with some basic information that you’re going to need. Talk to Stacey Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning to get signed up.

If you’re just getting your feet wet with the Paleo diet…Then you’ve got a lot of reading to do! Takes some time and become familiar with the Paleo diet. Below are some great resources.

1 ThePaleoDiet.com 2 RobbWolf.com 3 MarksDailyApple.com 4 NomNomPaleo.com 5 PaleOMG.com 6 PaleoDietLifestyle.com 7 WestonAPrice.org

If you are considering participating in the challenge, the number one secret to success is planning, and lots of it! You need to be prepared with good, quality foods at all times. In fact, you should have foods like individual packets of almond butter stashed in your desk, glove compartment, your purse so you are prepared for anything. You also need to be prepared when it comes to meal time.

Sitting down and creating a meal plan (including all three meals and a snack/preWO/postWO meal) will guarantee that you never have to go through any difficulty when you’re caught looking for something. Porgenex will be allowed post workout and if you’ve never given it a try, hit Paul up for a sample.

Now for some mostly scientific and fitness mumbo jumbo – the good stuff:







The yummy, yummy in your tummy stuff: (not all specifically paleo, some are just gluten-free)











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