This week marks our 4th week of the challenge just wanted to remind everyone how you earn points! Keep updating these daily Here’s a good example of a simple food log.

-Log food = 1 point. -Drinking 3/4 your bodyweight (pounds) in fl. oz in water = 1 point. -Attending and doing the class WOD = 1 point -Bringing a friend (non iota member) to workout = 5 points -Writing goal on the board = 5 points -Accomplishing a goal = 10 points

A. Warm Up

3 rounds (not for time) 10/7 cal row 10 Bow and Bends 5 single leg RDLs each leg 5 Scorpion each side 5 Iron Cross each side

B. Conditioning

50 Cal. Airdyne 35 Thrusters 75/55 20 Chest to bar Pull Ups *coaches challenge 95/65 & bar muscle ups

C. Strength

Deadlift 9-7-5-3-1+

55%x9 65%x7 75%x5 85%x3 95%x1+

Shoulder Press 9-7-5-3-1+

55%x9 65%x7 75%x5 85%x3 95%x1+

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12-10-8-6-4-2 Dumbbell Bench Press 50/35lbs Dumbell Gorilla Row (R + L = 1rep) 12-10-8-6-4-2 Suitcase Walking Lunges Toes to Bar or 2x Sit-ups

A. Conditioning 20 minute AMRAP 10 Calorie Bike 10 Push Ups 10 Tuck Ups or Wtd Sit-ups 10 Dual KB or DB Bent Over Rows

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