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UAC Fit is hosting an Olympic lifting clinic Feb. 18th. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra help with their lifts. It starts at 10a.m and the cost is $20. If you want more info we have flyers at the box or ask a coach. Lets get a big group and go represent Iota!


Bench Press 5X5 then 3X 30 sec Handstand hold 30 tricep pulldowns

Wod 50 Doubles (2:1 singles) 25 Kettlebell Clean and Press (53/35) 40 Doubles 20 Kettlebell Clean and Press 30 Doubles 15 Kettlebell Clean and Press 20 Doubles 10 Kettlebell Clean and Press 10 Doubles 5 Kettlebell Clean and Press

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A. Strength Strict Press 4 sets of 5 reps B. Conditioning 3 rounds for time of: 20 Cal Row 15 T2B 10 Push Press (115/75) 12 MINUTE CAP If you want to level-up challenge yourself to complete all T2B un


A. Strength 20 minutes to build to 3RM Front Squat B. Conditioning 9 minute AMRAP 3,6,9,12,15.... Burpees Wall Balls (20/14)


A. Strength 10 Minutes of Unilateral Strength and Stability Work Advanced: 12 Alt. Pistols every 2 minutes (Can add tempo) Intermediate: Box Pistols,Rig Assisted Pistol Beginner: 2 Foot Close stance s