3-1-14 Something incredible happened

I witness and heard stories that something incredible is happening.  The open is challenging our athletes, in a positive way.  I have hear it a hundred time.  “I’m not going to win or even go to regionals so why should I sign up. You don’t need my score.” Well this is why.

Because it will challenge you and then change you.  Everyone walked in the door of the gym looking for change.  Maybe you didn’t know how much or what kind of change, but you wanted something different.  Today I saw real change.

A few of our athletes signed up before knowing what the workouts where going to be and then up came double unders, a quality skill movement that even is off for the best of us sometimes and a light weight snatch.  I had quite a few people ask, “I signed up for the open and I can’t do double unders, what do i do?” Simple was my reply, your best.  Do the doubles one at a time if you have to but get through it and do your best. And guess what, everyone that did it this way got doubles!!! They didn’t give up, they didn’t say I can’t do it so I quit.  They FOUGHT for every rep.  They may not have been in sets of 5, 10 or 15 and so what. They did it.  I AM SO PROUD of those who took a stand and said I’m going to do this even if I don’t have the best score or the fastest time.  I love watching each and every person challenge them selves and test there physical and mental limits and the OPEN is giving you this opportunity.  It’s not about winning and loosing it’s about drawing the line in the sand and telling yourself today I will do my best!

WOD Tomorrow morning at the North and South gyms at 7:30 am…. And it’s not to late to sign up for the OPEN!

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