3-18-15 It was PR CENTRAL at the box!


Luke hit a monster 195# snatch, 295# clean and finished today’s WOD with a 425# Deadlift! We call him Mr. Incredible!!

GREAT work today everyone! Saw and heard about a TON of PR’s that happened!!

ACCESSORY WORK (2x) 10 Partner Glute Ham Raise 20 Scare Crow (5#, 2.5#) 30 Scap Push up 40 Band Pull-a-parts

STRICT PULL-UP (3x) 3-5 – Narrow Grip Chin-ups 3-5 – Wide Overhand Grip

CONDITIONING (20x) 30 sec on 15 sec rest AMRAP Burpees AMRAP Kettle Bell Swing (53#/35#) Alternate movements each set 30 seconds and score each movement seperately Round 1 – AMRAP Burpees, Round 2 – AMRAP KB Swing, Round 3 – AMRAP Burpees, etc

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