3-24-14 And the winners are….drum-roll please…..

Starting on Monday March 24th we will be adding a 7:15 pm class on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays at the SOUTH LOCATION and we will be testing this time slot out for a few weeks. We will keep it if it is well attended.

A HUGE PILE of Happy Birthdays are due. on the 22nd to Missy Best and Kristen Kropf, on the 23rd Dan Tueller, Eric Frodsham and Dayton Smith!!

Strength Deadlift 4×6 @ 80% of your 3RM

Conditioning 700m row 5-7-9-11-13-15 each of Push-up / KB Swing (53#/35#)

Coaches Challenge Heavy KB Swing (70#/53#) This is only if you can do it without compromising form

ENDURANCE WOD’s CrossFit On Day: (4x) 400m sprint – 2 min rest between efforts (plus/minus 3-5 seconds) CrossFit Rest Day: 5k TT (time trial)

2014 Challenge Winners Life Change Award – Christie and John Heywood Body and Performance Award – Tod Martin and McKenzie Poppelton Body Change – Kody Holliday Performance Change – JoAnn Jensen Spirit of the challenge – Emma Hogan

John H -before
John H -after
Christie H 2
Christie H 2A

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