3-31-14 : 6 Powerful Ways CrossFit Changes Lives

9-6-3 Deadlift (225#/165#) Lateral Jump Burpees

50 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

3-6-9 Deadlift (225#/165#) Lateral Jump Burpees

ENDURANCE WOD’s CrossFit On Day: 6 min on 5 min rest 4 min on 3 min rest 2 min on – cover as much distance as possible CrossFit Rest Day: 6 mile tempo run – 90% of 5k TT pace

Article of the Day: 6 Powerful Ways CrossFit Changes Lives BY KRISTI HRIVNAK

By now, we’ve all heard the negatives that seem to accompany CrossFit: it’s dangerous, it leads to injury, it makes you bulk up … but what about the other side of the coin? What is it about CrossFit that’s got everyone talking?

Many people who stumble into this world of CrossFit emerge as changed people. I’m not talking about the physical changes. (Though of course, they’re a bonus!) For CrossFitters, the greatest transformation is in the mind. I’d like to share some of the shifts I have witnessed firsthand, in everyday people, after two and a half years of running a CrossFit gym. Continue reading the article HERE

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12-10-8-6-4-2 Dumbbell Bench Press 50/35lbs Dumbell Gorilla Row (R + L = 1rep) 12-10-8-6-4-2 Suitcase Walking Lunges Toes to Bar or 2x Sit-ups

A. Conditioning 20 minute AMRAP 10 Calorie Bike 10 Push Ups 10 Tuck Ups or Wtd Sit-ups 10 Dual KB or DB Bent Over Rows

A. Conditioning 3-5 rounds for time 14 Sumo Squat (Challenge 53/35lbs) 12 Wtd DB Sit Up (Challenge GHD Sit-Ups) 10 Goblet Walking Lunge (Challenge 53/35lbs) 1000/800m Bike