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Yoga Thursday night at the North Gym at 8:00 pm. CrossFit games Open announcement of 14.2 tomorrow night at 6 pm…..who’s READY?

STRENGTH – Snatch 1x Burgner Warm-up and Skill Transfer with PVC 1x Burgner Warm-up and Skill Transfer with Empty Bar

15 min OTC 5 min Snatch 2 Reps (increase load) 5 min Snatch 1 Rep (increase load) 5 min Snatch 1 Rep

These are a full snatch (squat). The loads should challenge you but should not be heavy enough that you miss the lift. If you cannot preform a full snatch safely or with correct technique, complete 1 power snatch + 1 Overhead Squat so you are completing the range of motion.

(4x) 1 min ROW for cal 30 sec rest 1 min 10 KBS (70#/53#) -> Max rep Sit-up 30 sec rest

Your score is sum of all Calories rowed and Sit-ups

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