We have a winner!

Congratulations Chance Pebley! On his path to victory Chance lost a total of 19% body fat and took first place in the strength portion of the competition. Coming in second place we have Charlie Celan! Charlie did awesome with 10% body fat lost, he hit a 365# Back Squat and won the sprint wod with a time of 6:05. Third place goes to Mardie Bradshaw! Mardie did amazing with 21.9% body fat lost and 6.49% muscle gain.

People’s choice award goes to Ty Pebley. Ty had the goal of biking 10,000 calories over the course of the competition, which he was able to accomplish. Of all the goals that got put up his got the most attention from all the other members.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I had a blast looking at the changes people went through and seeing how the physical competition played out. I love all of our members, you all inspire me in your own way, thank you for your dedication!

Wod 3X 5 min of work followed by 2 min rest 400 Meter Run 15 Clean and Jerk 115/75 Max set of Floor Wipers 115/75 *score your total floor wipers*

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