5-30-14 The Rookie

36 hours to go and just a few final touches left!!

4 Years ago this was the view. It’s been exciting to see all of the changes, growth and achievements that everyone has obtained over the past 4 years. When we opened that fist day back in May 2010 we had everyone do one round of this workout.

“The Rookie” 400m Run 40 Squat 30 Sit-up 20 Push-up 10 Pull-up

This Year we’re doing 3 rounds of 4 rounds if your up for the Coaches Challenge!

Just a reminder that Regionals will have a limited effect on our schedule Friday. There will only be 5:15, 6:15 and 7 am classes at the south gym on Friday. So all of the south gym members just head up to Smithfield where Stacey will be coaching. There will also be no classes on Saturday at either location so those that want, including the coaches, can enjoy regionals live and in person! If you can’t make it down Regionals will be live at http://games.crosfit.com and we are in the South West Region. Best of luck to all who are competing especially Kendl, Daryl, Dayton, Dakotah, Cerissa, Ellan and Tam!

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