6-8-15 Leave No Survivors Update

If you missed all the fun at the box over the weekend from Leave No Survivors, head on over to IoTA Competitions and get plenty of updates on what went down!  (Thanks to Jessica Dunion for another fantastic job keeping everyone up to date during the event.) A big congratulations to Daryl and Tam for getting on the podium in the Team division and to Jerry and Charlie for taking 1st and 2nd in the Masters division.

And a big shout out to Progenex for providing such great prizes and swag for the volunteers!

Most of all thanks to the amazing group of people who helped put on such a great event by judging (Ryan, Becca, Jon Wells, Cerissa, Malik, Brian, Jenni S), Liz being the scoring queen that she is, and moving all of the equipment (Thomas, Emma, Tori H, Andrew, Megan and Heidi).  It just couldn’t have been done without each and everyone of you.  You are why everyone keeps coming back.  We have a fantastic community that is second to none!

Strength Back Squat – every 30 seconds for 4 min 1 rep @ 85% – 9 total reps – 2 min rest – every min on the min for 4 min 1 rep @ 90% – 5 total reps

CONDITIONING (4x) 400m run 10 Hang Snatch (95#/65#)

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