6-9-14 BIG Leave No Survivors Update

Leave No Survivors will be a one day event this year (Saturday June 21st) and there will also be CASH prizes for the winners this year. Read the complete event update HERE and get signed up as we have limited the number of available spots. Want to volunteer? Sign up HERE.

CONDITIONING (5x) 200m run 15 SDHP (70#/53#) 12 Burpees

ENDURANCE WOD’s CrossFit On Day: (4x) 800m – 3 min rest between efforts (+- 5-7 sec) CrossFit Rest Day: 4 mile tempo run @ 90% of your 10k TT pace

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A. Strength 20 minutes to build to 3RM Front Squat B. Conditioning 9 minute AMRAP 3,6,9,12,15.... Burpees Wall Balls (20/14)


A. Strength 10 Minutes of Unilateral Strength and Stability Work Advanced: 12 Alt. Pistols every 2 minutes (Can add tempo) Intermediate: Box Pistols,Rig Assisted Pistol Beginner: 2 Foot Close stance s


A. Conditioning 2 rounds 8 minute AMRAP 500m row 15 Air Squats 15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)(53/35) -Rest 2 minutes- B. Accessory 3 Rounds 10 Pike-Ups or Tuck-Ups on Rower :30 Hollow Bar Hang :30 Walki