A. Warm Up

2 Rounds – CNS PREP

5 Seated Box Jumps

5 Med Ball Reverse Toss

3 Rounds – Build pace a little each round

15 Russian Swings 15/12 Cal Row

rest 60sec

4 Rounds – Slow Down and Control

8 Rower Pike Ups slow controlled

8 Archer Ring Row Hold Switches 2sec hold each rep (alternating; 4 total per side each round) or scale back to ring row hold for 20 seconds

B. 3 sets of

Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge

10X2; 8-10/leg

Side Plank


C. 4 sets of 5 reps

Deadlift From Blocks

Barbell is set up just above knee – adjust blocks appropriately. As these progress follow written instructions for bar placement

D. 3 sets of

GHD Hip Extension

3131; 6-8reps

Single Arm Landmine Row

30X1; 6-8/arm

Lying Banded Bicep Curls

10X0; 15-20reps

E. Turkish Get Up

10/arm – light to moderate loading *alternating arms every 2 reps

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