A. Warmup

3 Sets NFT

4-6/arm @ 30X1 Tall Kneeling Landmine Press

15m Crab Walk Slow Deliberate

6-8/side Dumbbell Side Plank Powell Raise 30X0


3-4 minutes of Shoulder Mobility

Overhead Squat With Thoracic Mobilization

B. Strength – 3 sets of

Barbell Z Press

3111; 4,3,2;

Dumbbell Cross Body Romanian Deadlift

31X0; 6-8/arm;


4 rounds for time of

20m KB Mixed Rack Overhead Carry Right, two KBs that are same weight

20sec Archer Ring Row Hold Right

15 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53

20m KB Mixed Rack Overhead Carry Left

20sec Archer Ring Row Hold Left

20 Bench Dips 20X0 (loaded with DB between legs)

-rest 1 minute between rounds-

*over the last four weeks we have been increasing the difficulty of our KB carries and ring row holds, feel free to scale back to any of previous exercises that I’ll list ahead.

Here is the list of progressions to date:

KB Carry Series

1. Farmer Walk Carry

2. Dual KB Front Rack

3. Dual KB Overhead Carry

4. KB Mixed Rack Carry with one arm overhead, one arm in front rack

Ring Row Hold Series

1. Ring Row Hold

2. Feet Elevated Ring Row Hold

3. Supinated Grip Body Row Hold

4. Archer Ring Row Hold

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