7.8.19 New Programming Starts Today!

At a glance whats prescribed below may seem intimating but you are not required to do it all. Parts A and D would be considered the warm up and “metcon/wod” respectively so please do those in their entirety and if time allows complete parts B and C as what we would normally call our “accessory”. I hope everyone enjoys this programming, thank you for a great first month.

A. Warm Up

3 Sets Not For Time (NFT):

6-8/arm @ 3011 Seated Landmine Press

Quadruped Crawl 10m Slow Deliberate

6-8 Single Arm Dumbbell External Rotation 30X0


Shoulder Mobility

3-4 minutes of Supine Shoulder Flexion (90-120sec/side)

B. 3 sets of

4-6 reps of Barbell Z Press Tempo 5151

6-8 reps of Dumbbell Upright Row Temp 3111

C. 3 sets of

25-40 second Handstand Hold

25-40sec Pronated Pull Up Isometric

8-12 reps of Supine Leg Lowering Tempo 41X0

D. 3-4 Sets NFT

30sec Good Morning Hold (65/45lbs)

30m Kettlebell Farmers Walk (TOUGH load for you)

30sec Ring Row Hold

12 Narrow Grip Tricep Push Up 20X1

rest 90sec

*based on your energy levels and time restraints stop at 3 sets or complete 4.

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