A. Warmup

3 Sets NFT

Single leg focus Warm Up

Lateral Box Step Down 6-8/leg with 20X1 Tempo

10m Lateral Band Walk

Theraband Clamshell Side Plank Isometric Hold x 30sec/side


3-4mins Lower Body Mobility

2mins Banded Ankle Mobilization/side

B. This is our “metcon/cardio/conditioning”

3-5 rounds with increasing efforts, record each time and weights you choose for each movement.

10 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35

10 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35

20m Sled Push (Tough weight)

60 second airdyne

-rest walk 2 minutes-

*Every set increase the number of Calories you get on the Bike and increase the speed of your DB burpees *If your movement quality remains high and you are able to continue to increase your pace on each set, continue to 4 or 5 sets. Otherwise if quality or pace drops, terminate after set 3.

C. 2 sets of 6-8 reps/side

Abduction Bias RNT Goblet Squat 4111 Tempo

-rest 60 seconds between legs-

*Positional Strength Work *LIGHT LOAD – Positional focus

D. 4 sets of 5 reps

Box Squat with 21X1 Tempo

-rest 2-3mins-

*Increase load each set – make only last set TOUGH *Box height is such that when seated thighs are parallel to floor

E. 3 sets of 8-10/leg

DB Suitcase RNT Step Up 21X1 Tempo

-rest 60sec between legs-

*Light load – focus on tempo and hip control *Prioritize the forward leg and NOT driving up off the back leg *Box height is just below the knee

Remember this is not all mandatory so feel free to do as much as you can.

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