No kids class today, see you Thursday for the last day and to pick up your shirt!

A. Warm Up

4 Sets NFT

6/arm Tall Kneeling Filly Press Tempo 30X1

30sec Single Arm KB Overhead Split Stance Isometric/leg

+ Mobility

Seated Shoulder Abduction (Band Pull Aparts)

8-15reps (2sec hold each rep) up to 3 sets

B. Strength

Back Squat

4 sets Every 3:30 minutes

31X1; 2.2 Reps; rest 20sec between 2’s;

*Cluster Set – 4 total reps but you will stop after 2 reps – place the bar back on the rack and then after 20sec, pick back up and continue for the last two reps

**On your top set try to build from last week


4 sets for reps in unbroken sets

Air dyne 20/16 Calories

10-14 Kipping Pull Ups

6-12 Kipping HSPU

16-20 Wall Balls 20/14

rest 90sec between sets

*Aim to complete an unbroken set of each exercise that falls within the rep range prescribed.

**If you lack the HSPU skill, this week scale HSPU back to Kettlebell Push Press

***Pull Up Scale – start with lower reps if needed and or move towards an assisted pull up of some sort.

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