Snatch 1 rep Every 30 seconds for 6 minutes -rest 2 minutes- Clean and Jerk 1 rep Every 30 seconds for 6 minutes

WOD 21-15-19 Deadlift 185/130 Push Ups Box Jumps 24/20

*coaches challenge 225/155*

Accessory 3x Max rep strict pull ups 10 Kang Squats *Bend over into a good morning, lower into the bottom of a squat, raise back into the bottom of a good morning position, then finish the good morning* Use a PVC to get the feel of the exercise before using a barbell.

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A. Conditioning 30 minute AMRAP (with a partner) 1 mile run (split into 200m runs) or 3 mile bike 100 Single Arm DB Shoulder-to-Overhead 50#/35# 100 Anchored Sit-ups (no abmat) *one partner works at a


A. Conditioning “Alice” 4 Rounds For Time 19 Box Jumps (30/24) 48 Double Unders 13 MINUTE CAP B. Strength Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (Bulgarian Split Squat) 4 sets of 8/leg


A. Strength 3 sets of the following superset 8 Dual Dumbbell Prone Row @ 30X2 Tempo 8 Dual Dumbbell Bench Press @ 30X1 Tempo B. Conditioning 3 Rounds For Time 15 Pull-Ups 20 Alternating DB Snatches 40