8-17-15 Congratulations Melissa and Justin

Huge congrats to Melissa and Justin Feser on the arrival of their new baby Evelyn! They’re already hoe and it sounds like they are all doing great.

CONDITIONING 16 min EMOM min 0 – 5 Thrusters (75#/35#) min 1 – 5 Pull-ups min 2 – 5 Thrusters (85#/45#) min 3 – 5 Pull-ups Continue adding 10 total pounds to your bar until you reach the final load of 145#/105# or you reach a load you want to stay with until the end of the working time of 16 min.

COACHES CHALLENGE LOAD YOUR PULL-UPS Decrease your pull-ups in each round to four and start with 5# and continue to add 5 lbs to your pull-ups for each round of pull-ups until you reach 40#’s in the final round

RACE WEEK Day 1 – (sets x reps) – rest 60-90 seconds between sets 7×2 Squat Clean (75%-80% of 1 RM) This should be explosive and quick 5×3 // 1-1-1-1-1… Deadlift (Start at a low weight and increase weight each set of 3 reps unbroken ie don’t drop the bar. You should be about 90% of your 1RM once you start doing single reps. Just a reminder that, as always, FORM should NOT be sacrificed. If you feel your form start to break down, then it’s time to stop.) Day 2 – 15min AMRAP of CINDY 5-pull ups 10 – push up 15-squats Note: This should be preformed at about 90% effort. Pace this so that you are able to keep moving for the entire 15 min. Day 3 – Active rest day (i.e. a really good warm up and an 80% 2-3 mile jog. You just need to get you warm on this day, but keep your intensity low.) This is also a really good day to spend some time on the foam roller/lacrosse balls/bands and get your legs, hips and hams stretched and loose. Day 4 – 6 rounds of tabata (20sec work 10sec rest – 1 min rest between rounds) a) Running – sprint for 20 sec, rest for 10 b) KB or Dumbell Swing – 44#/26# c) Sit Ups d) Row for Calories” Day 5 – REST Day 6 – RACE DAY

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