A. Warm Up

3 Rounds NFT

14/12 Calories Airdyne

10 Standing Alternating KB Press Top Down 30X0 (5/arm)

20 Tall Plank Shoulder Taps

*challenge 3 wall Walks


Shoulder Mobility

Quadruped Shoulder C.A.R

6reps/side x 2-3sets

*hold tension throughout your body by tightening your core and lower body while moving. Move slowly and deliberately and make one revolution of the arm in about 10 seconds

A. Strength

4 sets of

Strict Press

*challenge dynamic load strict press

4141; 3-5reps

Single Leg Glute Bridge

3111; 4-6/leg

*challenge single leg barbell glute bridge


4 sets for time of:

20sec Dip Support

6 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press R

20m Single Arm KB Rack Carry R

6 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press L

20m Single Arm KB Rack Carry L

12 Ring Rows

*coaches challenge ring dip support and kipping Pulls Ups

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