A. Warm Up

3 Rounds NFT

200m Row (build pace each round)

8 Elevator Dumbbell Press (1sec pause at each position)

12 Ring face pulls


Shoulder Mobility

Quadruped Shoulder C.A.R.S

6reps/side up to 3sets

*coaching point – hold tension throughout the body by tightening core and lower body while moving. Move slowly and deliberately and make one revolution of the arm in about 10 seconds

B. Strength

4 sets of

Strict Press

*dynamic load for challenge

3111; 6,5,4,4;

Barbell Hip Thrust

*single leg for challenge 6-8/leg

20X1; 8 reps;


4 sets for time of:

20sec Tuck L Sit on Parallel bars

10 See Saw KB Press

8 Push Ups 20X0

10 Elbow To Tall Plank

8 Kipping Pull ups

6 Push Ups 20X0

-60 second rest-

*coaching point- please honor the push up tempo and focus on your form, chest touching the ground

**scale back pull ups to ring rows or banded pull ups

***see saw Press maybe be done with Dumbbells

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