8-4-14 – Next challenge is approaching!

STRENGTH CLASSES Just a reminder that this will be Shane’s first week doing our strength classes. This is the week to jump in and see what he does. Just give it a TRY! You never know where you will go if you don’t give it a try.

SMITHFIELD STRENGTH CLASS TIMES Monday & Wednesday 5 am, 6 am, 7 am and 9 am

SOUTH LOGAN STRENGTH CLASSES Tuesday 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm Thursday 9 am, 4:15 pm, 5:15 pm & 6:15 pm

HERE COMES THE FALL NUTRITION CHALLENGE – Coach Ashton Bagley has put together our next nutrition & performance challenge. It will start in a few weeks so stay tuned for the details. Send your kids back to school and get yourself back to your the best you!

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For Time 300 reps following the pattern: 20 second Pull-Ups 10 second Rest 20 second Push-Ups 10 second Rest 20 second Sit-Ups 10 second Rest 20 second Air Squats 10 second Rest


10 rounds for time of 3 Power Snatch 3 Burpees Over Bar 3 Clean and Jerks 3 Burpees Over Bar Rx 75#/55# Rx+ 95#/65# CC 115#/85# If you desire extra work: 3 sets of the following superset 8 Bench Press


3 rounds for time 20 Calorie Bike or Row or .13 mile run 20 Sit-ups 20 Calorie Bike or Row or .13 mile run 20 Deadlifts 20 Calorie Bike or Row or .13 mile run 20 Hanging Knee Raises Rx 115#/85# Rx+ 13