9.27.19 Announcements!!!

A few announcements before we head into the weekend.

  1. Nutrition challenge begins October 1st! More information available here. Join the Facebook page to stay updated.

  2. Olympic weightlifting class also starts October 1st at 6:30 P.M.

A. Warm Up

3 Sets NFT 6 Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press/arm 12 Side Plank Rotations/arm 16 Banded Hip Thrusts

B. Strength

Close Grip Bench Press

Build to 1RM

C. Conditioning

5 minute amrap

Renegade rows 30/20

-rest 3 minutes-

For time:


Unbroken Kettlebells Swings 70/53

*Must set KB down after each unbroken set **scale to 53/35

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