9-4-14 Foundations Class Reminder

#tbt Jerry and Steph post WOD at Leave No Survivors

STRENGTH – Snatch 12 min EMOM – 2 position Snatch See description and description HERE Increase load as needed

CONDITIONING 3 min AMRAP 7 Burpees / 7 Squats

7 min to complete – 1000m row for time

3 min AMRAP 7 Burpees / 7 Squats

Score is noted a 1k row time / total reps completed

If you know someone that’s wantde to try CrossFit, but has been to scared to come with us “regular people”, then the foundations class is the way to go. This class is designed for anyone unfamiliar or new to CrossFit. We will teach you the movements is a safe, orderly fashion and will euip you whith the tools you need to confidently jump right into our regular group class. Our next set of classes start Monday September 8th and will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm at the South Gym for the last 3 weeks of September. Have questions, give us a call or talk to any of the coaches and grab a $40 off gift card to pass along to your friends.

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