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I was raised to value hard work and to earn my worth. Born to Mexican immigrant parents, I learned anything is possible if you put the effort to earn it. After all they can come from nothing to putting their children through college. I want to build off the successes my parents have blessed me with so it’s only natural I grew up wanting to be an “entrepreneur”. My name is Erick Popoca and I’m the owner of Iota Fitness.

My fitness journey has culminated into my toughest challenge. Leaving a secure 9-5 job and becoming a business owner has been a great opportunity for me to make a bigger impact on my community and feel more fulfilled but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it is to be “the man”. Learning how to manage my business has allowed me to realign with my core values. I became a gym owner to help others. The joy I get helping my friends and family improve their lives ensured my decision to take on this business venture. Not only do I help influence people’s lives, I get to apply what I learned in college and explain why we do the things we do. My degree in Exercise Science taught me about human movement but it did not teach me how to run a successful gym. I continue to learn and grow with an open mind. I believe it’s important that people know I want to help people live healthier lives through exercise and nutrition in the countless ways mine has. Some of the most influential people in my life have been my coaches. The coaching role whether it be 1:1 or in a group setting, can have a huge influence. Because of the level of influence, coaching is the core principle of my business model. In order to provide the best value to the Iota Fitness community we have to offer the best exercise and nutrition coaching. Without proper nutrition we cannot optimize our health with exercise alone. Coaching is helping. I want to provide the best coaching so that the people I serve have the best experience at my gym. My passion became my mission statement, “to elevate the community we serve by providing the highest quality and most enjoyable coaching experience possible”.

-Erick Popoca, BS, CSCS, Pn1

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