Announcement !

UAC Clean and Jerk/Snatch clinic March 4th @10am. 25$ per person with only 20 spots available. If interested contact Jordan Parker at UAC @435-760-6852. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra help with their lifts.

Small schedule changes. The 7:15 class is changing to 7:00, the 5:15pm is changing to 5:00 and we are adding a class at 6:00. We are going to try the 6:00 class for two weeks, if there is enough interest it will stick around. Feel free to give any feedback on these changes.

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A. Strength EMOM X 10 Odd: 12/10 cal bike Even: Sets 1+2: 10 Perfect Kip Swings Sets 3+4: 6 PU or Banded Pull-Ups Set 5: 5 C2B PU or Jumping PU B. Conditioning 16.1 20 minute AMRAP 25 foot overhead wa


A. Strength EMOM X 16 minutes Min 1: :45 Single Arm Suitcase Hold (R Arm) Min 2: :45 Single Arm Suitcase Hold (L Arm) Min 3: :45 Hollow Hang from Rig Min 4: Rest B. Conditioning 12 minute AMRAP 200m r


A. Conditioning EMOM X 24 minutes Min 1: 10 Deadlifts (155/105) Min 2: 5 Power Cleans Min 3: 15 Sit-Ups Min 4: Max Double Unders in :45 If you want to level-up challenge yourself with a 185/125 barbel