What is coaching?

Yesterday I talked about my passion for helping people by coaching. Today I start a series about what coaching means to me and the benefits excellent coaching can have. I believe anyone can benefit from a coach. Even the greatest athletes in the world have coaches. But what exactly does a coach do? For professional athletes, coaches can help them improve their sport performance, but there's more to coaching than just performance. Most people I know have completely different goals than a professional athlete. The goals I hear most often are: "I want to lose weight", "I want to build muscle", or "I want to stay healthy". A coach can help you do all of those!!! Sure, you could attempt to do all of those on your own. You may or may not be successful. You could even attain a short term goal only to fall back to where you started. A coach can help you set goals and keep you on track in case you have a slip up. I understand life happens and slip ups are to be expected but it's important to understand fitness is a journey. Celebrating successes early and often is a great way for you to stay motivated on your journey. At Iota Fitness we call those Bright Spots. A coach can help you find those Bright Spots. Embracing your Bright Spots, whether they're fitness related or not, will help you to keep moving forward. A coach can help you set realistic expectations. It's important to have goals, but it's more important to be able to break them down into smaller goals. The more you can recognize the little wins in your life the easier it will be to see positive change, even if you're not losing weight or gaining muscle as fast as you'd like. Most importantly a coach cares about you and wants to see you be successful.

At Iota Fitness we don't sell a fad diet or follow a certain method of exercise. We prescribe fitness and nutrition programs tailored to your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Maintain your independence? We have a program for you. No matter what goals you may have, our coaches can help you accomplish them!! If you'd like to learn more about how our coaches can help you or if you'd like to book a FREE intro, where we discuss your goals and how we can HELP YOU achieve them, click the link below!


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